Ready, set and think before you go!

So, you have finally arrived at the point of no turning back with your cupid business: you think you are ready for the first date! You have seen it coming for a few days now -or weeks, some couples need more time than others to decide and take that decisive step-, and the time is ripe to meet your online friend. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, people forget some basic notions that would help their date be a success. Do not let this happen to you: now you have come this far, here is your chance to reap what you have been sowing since you started looking for love online.

However anxious you feel to see him/her, keep calm and do not deliver an automatic 'yes' if he/she proposes a place and time for a date. You must necessarily evaluate if the conditions suit you in all respects, and be ready to counter-propose if they somehow do not. Absolutely review and take heed of the basic safety advice offered by dating sites, about meeting in a public place at a public time, having someone you trust go with you - or be close and in the know-, carry your mobile phone in order and some self-defense device, etc. Also, check your schedule to confirm if you are really free then, or can easily acommodate the date. This means not to make major changes or cancellations in your agenda: after all, if things go awry with your date, you could find yourself in more trouble than it's worth!

Besides safety and convenience, there are other matters to consider. Does the proposed place and/or activity appeal to you? Does it fit your own ideas about where to go and what to do in a first date? If it does not, speak up! Ideally, you would have some alternatives ready, either more to your liking or that you feel would be more to the point for the matter at hand, which is increasing the likeliness of your date being a complete success. Of course, you should give much thought to what you know about the person you are going to meet, in the line of possibilities, preferences, interests and tastes, when trying to outline the perfect moment and environment for your first date. Finding a balance should not be difficult: you both probably have many things in common if you have come this far!

All these points are equally valid when it is you making the proposal, the main difference here lies in the fact that taking the initiative requires more courage. If you happen to know other hispanic singles that are looking for a partner through your favorite Latin dating site, arranging a collective outing is a fantastic piece of advice for first dates. It will make you feel less anxious in all respects, increase the probabilities of having fun with your friends old and new, and provide an invaluable source of post-date information about that special person: two heads are better than one!

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