Difference Created Communication

Nowadays communicating online is easier and friendlier than ever, and Latin singles know it: technology has made possible to have a conversation face to face and in real time, irrespective the parties location as long as they have access to a computer and an Internet connection. Online dating allows interactions that are closer to reality, and users are taking advantage of the facilities offered by dating sites, using these virtual meeting places to make friends and find the love of their life through live chats.

Now, there is a lot of information sharing at the beginning of any relationship, but friendship and love require the exchange of more personal, subjective, and emotionally charged information belonging to the private sphere, the intimate self. There are powerful ways to communicate pretty directly our feelings and emotions: we can show affection with physical gestures like simple nearness, arm-around-shoulders, hair-stroking, hugging, holding hands, kissing, or with the most creative terms of endearment and non-verbal expressions. But we can only do this when the relationship is already established, otherwise it would be interpreted as an invasion of the other's privacy, a step too far ahead, an untimely taking of liberties.

Initially thus, when we are getting to know each other in a Live chat, we have to make up for that emotional side of things without resorting to display affection unappropriately even if we do not feel affection yet, only attraction or interest and so we use conversation. (Generalization warning: some of the sentences below are statistic truths!) In this context, women expect and like to be asked questions about themselves, what they think, feel and do, and they interpret this questioning in a different way as compared to men. So if you are wondering how to help your love online search succeed, keep in mind the need to understand some communication basics for men and women.

Everybody likes & expects his/her partner in conversation to show a certain degree of interest, and asking questions suggests interest both in the person and the interaction. We all have our vanities and like to talk about ourselves; of course there are all kinds of "buts" to this, a big one coming from some hispanics who are naturally timid, shy, reserved or somewhat unsociable it is said that introverts have no vanity at all, another coming from downright extroverts who thrive on interaction. But in general, women see this type of exchange as a chance to make the relationship grow, as they think it will improve the knowledge you have about them, and will allow them to question you in return.

Men, however, tend to feel uncomfortable when they are under too much questioning, or when the interrogation goes too deep into feelings and emotions. It is not that they do not like talking about themselves, they certainly do. It is not that their emotions are less intense, or their feelings less complex: men are equally struck when the Love Cupid arrows pierce their hearts. The trick is to be able to carry the conversation so that they can sort of "monologue" freely, and do not feel like they are undergoing an oral examination. They do not understand reciprocity in a conversation like women do when talking to other women, and will not make such similar exchanges in terms of self-revelation or emotional matters. It is easier to learn more about the touchy-feely side of a male partner if you let him talk about what he does, about actions, hobbies, etc. Any single woman interested in succeeding with her online date should take into account men's usually strong impulse to preserve their aut onomy, and not to expose themselves in any way that might put them in a position of vulnerability.

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