Can I prevent only certain members from viewing my profile?

Yes, you can block a member. Open the member’s profile you wish to block and select “Block Member”.

Would my profile still show up after I cancel?

No, once you have cancelled your membership your account will no longer exist. All information including your photos, videos, blogs, sent and received Emails, Winks, E-Cards and Quick Notes will be lost and deleted from our system.
Note: once your information is removed from our database it cannot be restored.

What is an E-Card?

E-Cards are one ways for our members to initiate a contact or send a colorful reply. You can send an E-Card by choosing from one of the list of different background E-Cards for any occasion and adding a personalized text.

What is IM (instant message)?

IM is an acronym for instant message, which represents a real life private conversation between two users via instant email system. If the other member is online you can start your one-on-one email session by clicking the “IM” icon on his profile.

What are Blogs for?

Blogs are a place for members to gather their thoughts in writing. They collect articles, write about topics that interests them or keep a diary of meaningful events. You can read and comment on other members Blogs and see what others have to say about your Blogs.

How can I add a Blog?

All you would have to do is:
1. Log on
2. From the menu bar click on “Blogs”
3. Select “Write Blog” from the sub menu,
4. Enter the Title and Content
5. Lastly, Select “Add Blog”
After you have created your blog you will get a preview of your blog.

Can I edit my blog(s)?

Yes, you are able to edit your blog(s) at any time.
To edit:
1. Go to “Blogs” then “My Blog”
2. Choose the blog you wish to change by choosing “View Blog”
3. You may then select to “Delete this blog or Update this blog” and make any desired changes.
4. When you are finished, choose “Update Blog” to complete the editing process.

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