My Mailbox

How many messages can I have in my inbox and outbox?

You can have up to 200 messages in Inbox and Outbox combined (including Trash). In order to see the amount of the messages in your mailbox, click on “My Mailbox”. To see the percentage of your mailbox used see the % amount at the bottom of your “Mailbox Folders”.

Can anyone else read my messages?

No, only you have access to your Mailbox. Our email system is private and secure and no other member can access your email account. Please make sure your password and user ID are stored in a secure place to avoid anyone using your account.

How secure/anonymous is your email system? is using the latest technology software to provide you with a secure and anonymous email system. Each member has a private dedicated email account. When you are logged on to your account and sending or receiving emails from members, all correspondence goes through our secure system.

How can I view the messages that I have sent to other members?

To review the messages, you have sent to a member, you need to:
1. Log in,
2. Click on “My Mailbox”,
3. Under the Mailbox Folders select “Sent Mail”.

How do I know that I’ve got a message?

You will automatically receive your new message(s) in your mailbox. You can check them by viewing “My Mailbox” page. You are also notified by email that you have received a new message.

How do I know that I’ve got an E-Card?

You are notified by email each time you receive a new E-Card. You can check them by viewing “My Mailbox” and then clicking on the “E-Cards “tab.

Is my personal information revealed when I send a message through your system?

Absolutely Not. Our email system is 100% anonymous and it is entirely up to you to decide when and with whom to share your personal information. Please read our Online Dating Safety advice.

How do I read my messages from another computer?

A Web-based system of the allows you to log in to your account at any time, in any part of the world, from any computer providing it has an Internet connection. Please make sure to click “Logout” button at the end of each of your sessions.
Note: Other computers at work or in public places might have restrictions on what can be viewed. You need to have administrative privileges to those computers to view our pages.

Can I have my messages automatically forwarded to another email address?

No. Our email system allows only for a private communication between our members.

How do I send a message to a member?

You can send a message to members during any of your searches by selecting “Mail”, “Send E-Card”, “Wink” or “Quick Note” while viewing their profile.

How to reply to a new message?

To reply to a new message simply open the message and select “Reply by Email”.

What is an E-Card?

E-Cards are one of the ways for our members to initiate contact or send a colorful reply. You can send an E-Card by choosing from the list of different backgrounds. E-Cards are perfect for any occasion and you can add a personalized text.

Can I send more than one E-Card to the same person?

Yes, you can. However, if you are not receiving a reply after a few messages, that might be an indication that the member is not interested. Please do not insist; move on to the next profile.

I was notified that I have a new Wink, E-Card or Quick Note. Who do I do next?

Once you have received an email notification of a Wink, E-Card or Quick Note you will need to log on to the site. Once you have logged in simply click on “My Mailbox” and view your Winks, E-Cards or Quick Notes.

How do I delete messages?

In your Mailbox, check mark the boxes next to the messages you wish to delete then click “Delete” button. Make sure to empty your Trash folder when you want to get rid of any unneeded mail.

How do I block someone from emailing me?

You can block a member from contacting you in the future.
1. You can block a member when you are viewing a member’s profile by selecting “Block Member”.
2. To block a member from your mailbox, while viewing a message; click on the members user-name, while viewing their profile click on “Block Member”.

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