Searchind and Browsing

How do I start a basic search?

To conduct a basic search:
1. Log in;
2. Click “Search” from the navigation bar;
3. After you enter your search criteria click on “Start My Search” button and you will be presented with the search results.
Depending on your search results, you might want to be more or less specific in your search criteria.

How to use Username Search?

You need to know the username and enter it exactly the way it is in our system in order to use this search. If you know the members username simply enter it into the bar and click on “Search” and enter the username in the “Username Search” box.

How to use Keyword Search?

If you are looking for a member with similar interests, you can enter a specific keyword, such as reading, hiking, etc. and you will be presented with the search results of members who have used the same keyword in their profile.
1. To conduct a keyword search, simply click on “Search”,
2. Click on “Advanced Search” and
3. Enter the keyword in the “Keyword Search” box and click “Search”

What is a Quick Search?

With Quick Search, you can find members faster. Search for members who are online, who are new to the site who are available for IM (instant Message), who’s birthdays are coming up and featured members. Its quick and simple all you should do is;
1. While logged in click “Search “From the menu bar.
2. From the sub menu click on “Quick Search”;
3. Click on the link you wish you want to have search results on.

Can I save a Profile so I can revisit it later?

Yes, you can. When viewing a profile select “Bookmark Me” and that profile will be automatically saved to “My Bookmarks” in your “Mailbox” section.

How do I find a profile I have seen before?

If you remember a specific word used in the profile, a Keyword Search might help you locate that member or you can enter generic information and look through the search result list.

What to do if I don't want certain profiles to appear on my searches?

If you do not wish a certain profile to appear in your searches, you can simply block that profile. Open the profile of a member you wish to block and select the “Block Member” icon.

Why aren't there any search results?

You may not be receiving many search results because your search preferences may be too specific. Be a little broader in your search. If you still are not generating any results try again later, hundreds of new members are joining every day.

How do I delete a saved search?

To delete a saved search click on “Search” from the main menu, click on “Saved Searches”, here you are presented with your list of saved searches. To delete your saved searches simply click on “Delete” on the search you wish to delete.

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