In Love's Waiting Room

Valentine’s Day always catalyzes the “I’m so sad I’m single” syndrome. People dive in and jump out of relationships so quickly.  “In a relationship” or “no longer in a relationship” flood the front pages of Facebook today.

But how should Christian singles (of marriageable age) handle relationships in real-life? Many temptations exist today. My friends ask questions all the time. And I get asked out. So the topic seems pretty popular in my circle.

A couple of years ago, a guy really tempted me: I was asked to accompany a dashing serviceman to an exquisite ball. (Yes, a ball like in “Cinderella” ball! Hey, girls, stop squealing! You haven’t read my answer to the invitation.)

I refused. Why? He wasn’t a believer. So my ball gown remained in the closet that night.

Some people may say, “Hey, Stacie, you’re way extreme. It was just one date.” Well, one date launches a rocket of emotions and unacceptable possibilities.

Now, I am not against trying different ways to meet people. I’m simply not going to rush or push. That doesn’t work. (Think Abraham and Hagar.) In spite of ample opportunities, I’ve chosen to date some, but not much. Why? I want to guard my heart, guys’ hearts, and utilize Christ-centered criteria.

Yes, I’m a super-busy, unmarried twenty-four year old woman with a passion for the Gospel. I keep my romantic status private on Facebook for good reason: I’m not dating for attention. I’m dating with intention.

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